Srini Koushik

Srini Koushik is the Chief Technology Officer for Magellan Health. In this role, he works with and leads a team of talented professionals delivering innovative technology and data-enhanced products and services that improve patient outcomes and care for people who need it the most.

Prior to this role, Koushik was the president and CEO of NTT Innovation Institute Inc., a Silicon Valley-based startup focused on building multi-sided platforms for today’s digital businesses. He has 28 years of experience as a programmer, chief technology officer, chief digital officer, chief information officer and P&L owner for Fortune 100 Companies including IBM, HP and Nationwide. Koushik has a track record of implementing innovative solutions, unpacking complex problems, and hacking the technology and culture of global enterprises to deliver extraordinary results.

Koushik has a passion for lifelong learning and holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Madras, a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Bombay, a master’s degree in business administration from Ohio State University, and executive education on systems thinking, design thinking, clean energy and innovation from the MIT Sloan School of Management and Duke University.

Koushik was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology, and was named an IBM Distinguished Engineer in 1996 and owns two patents in the field of software engineering.  He was named an Elite 8 CIO by Insurance and Technology (2002), a Top 25 CTO by Infoworld (2004), a Top 10 All-Star in the financial services industry by TechDecisions (2007), and a Computerworld Premier 100 Technology Leader (2014).

He is an Open Group Distinguished Certified Architect, has published several articles, as well as Patterns for E-Business, a book he co-authored in 2001. He has published e-books on digital business, agile IT and innovation. He is also a frequently invited speaker at several industry conferences.

Koushik enjoys travel, skydiving, hang gliding and other extreme sports and roots for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He has been to 55 countries, and wants to visit the other 140+ countries in his lifetime