Successful Agile Transformation – People Before Process

We’ve all heard of companies that started on their agile journey, only to abandon their efforts when expected outcomes were not achieved; where other organizations have created a sustainable model, often becoming benchmarks for others to follow. What makes the difference?

Long-lasting, continuously evolving agile cultures are forged through a tenacious focus on the core values of Lean and Agile above all else.

There are many approaches to structuring and leading an agile practice transformation – identifying and prioritizing the adoption and maturity of principles before practices will guide organizations to achieving the outcomes of improved business and technical collaboration, delivering core business value sooner, and even improving employee satisfaction and innovation. Attend this session to learn the essential steps to planning, executing and sustaining an agile culture. Participants will be given a blueprint for constructing an effective agile transformation roadmap to meet the needs of their unique organizations.