Creativity 2.0 – Rediscovering The “Why” And “How” That Truly Motivates Hyper Productivity

Bob Myers | 01:30 – 02:45


This talk is for new and maturing leaders in the Agile community.  It will discuss how to discover your personal and organizational why and how the next generation of agile leadership must think differently, add hyper creativity and new learning methods to respond to the insatiable demand of consumers and our organizations.  Trends like Growth Hacking, Maker Movement and other topics will be discussed as practical but creative extensions of the core why(s) of the Agile movement.


With Bob, it’s all about vision. Big vision. Serving as the CEO of Pillar, he’s harnessing over 20 years in the IT industry to create the next evolution in business solutions. For the past 10 years, Bob has focused on strategic technology engagements that impact business process improvement, sales growth, cost displacement, and new business operating models. Pillar is where his energy and experience are dedicated to optimizing results as well as satisfaction for all involved. You could say he’s a connoisseur of the win-win.

Efficient as he is knowledgeable, Bob’s inspiring primary skills are in the area of Business Innovation, IT Engineering and Value-Based Craftmanship. Prior to joining Pillar, Bob served as a CIO, CTO, and IT Director. He was a consultant for CGE&Y and was a Director/Partner in one of the world’s largest Internet growth companies. He has also been a founding partner in the creation and sale of two Internet-related start-up companies. By the way, Bob’s got a huge heart for everything he does. You’ll know it as soon as you meet him.