Truth, Myth and Reality in Software Development

Leon Gersing & Charley Baker | 11:45 – 01:00


As developers, we have a plethora of tools, techniques and processes that have emerged over the years aimed at reducing the amount of bugs, the time to market and cost of change. The promise of which states that if we are diligent in these practices then our code will be better for it. In practice, however, these notions have been used to validate our existence; to define ourselves as developers based on process and practice rather than the products, services and the code we leave behind. This session examines the practices of the Agile, XP, and TDD movements, the myths that have endured and our quest for the truth hidden therein. Join Charley Baker and Leon Gersing in a lively, open discussion of who we have become and where we are heading on the path to software enlightenment.


Charley Baker Code Wrangler, tester, coach, teacher, father, 5840 or so days of experience. Currently working at Groupon and improving the developer experience.

Leon Gersing is a software artisan with EdgeCase, LLC. ( He works primary with web technologies providing custom solutions to our worldwide clients. He has recently started a new endeavor No Spoon Software, with co-founder Jerry Nummi, that seeks to bring new and exciting solutions to the emerging mobile markets. No Spoon’s first app is a Campfire business chat client called Sparks which is available now for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in the Apple App Store. You can read more about No Spoon Software at