Team Canvas: Making Teams the Atomic Unit of Delivery

Sean Heuer | 10:00 – 11:15


As Agile moves further into the mainstream we are encountering more and more risk averse companies. These companies require a path and will be highly resistant until you can show how Agile can work in their world. A key component of showing the path is showing them how to organize their people into teams and chains of teams that can deliver on business objectives. For this purpose, we created the Team Canvas.

The Team Canvas is a design and modeling tool that allows you to integrate various aspects of team formation with value-stream optimization. As a design tool you can use it to do initial analysis, to iterate the design and test various scenarios and combinations, and then to improve over time as you learn about the dynamics of your Agile organization.

To help us address these challenges in Agile adoption, the Team Canvas is a simple, 1-page tool that will help you…

  • Visualize how team assignments impact other teams and the organization as a whole
  • Understand how teams can chain together to create a value stream
  • Represent the team as the atomic unit of delivery
  • Enable continuous improvement at the organizational level with the Team design being at the core

Come learn how to leverage the Team Canvas!


Sean Heuer is an experienced agile practitioner and agile evangelist. He has a passion for helping people improve and realize their full potential through agile. He has a thirst for knowledge, which he seeks to appease through reading every book, blog, and article he can find on agile, business, psychology, teaching and learning, and anything else that catches his eye.