Test Strategy: The Best Friend You Never Knew

As teams begin reviewing a User Story, they first need to understand what is being requested. Once they understand the ask, the next step is for the Developers & Testers to get together and ask-answer 2 important questions: How are we going to build it? And how are we going to test it? These two questions are much more complex than anyone thinks.

A well put-together Test Strategy can help guide the ENTIRE TEAM through these difficult questions. In this presentation Mr. Eakin will walk you through the 5 W’s of a good Test Strategy: What? Where? When? Who? And HoW? What tests are needed in your full tech stack? Where (which environments) will these tests be executed in? When will these tests be executed? Who will create, monitor and maintain the tests? After you have asked and answered the first 4 W’s, you are now ready to ask and answer the last: hoW (using which tools) will these tests be executed?

With a Test Strategy in hand, your team will be ready to overcome any obstacle thrown at you by the Product Owner. And do it in-Sprint.