That Sounds Great in Practice, But…

Jim Holmes | 10:00 – 11:15


This talk doesn’t even pretend to give you simplistic answers on how to effect change in your organization; however, you will learn some practical tips on how to start making that change happen. We’ll discuss forming a clear vision for the change you want to implement, refining that vision, getting stakeholders on board, and dealing with forces resisting change. You’ll also learn critical concepts like clarifying your idea, speaking the right language, creating a good pitch, and figuring out who owns the money you’ll need for your idea.

Some of the real world examples you’ll hear include working to set expectations, getting appropriate hardware and software for testing environments, dealing with offshore/outsourced contractors, and creating an organization-wide culture that cares about quality.

You’ll leave this session with ideas based on Jim’s successes – and you’ll have learned from his frank discussions on where he’s failed.


Jim is the Vice President of ALM and Testing for Falafel Consulting. Jim has been in various corners of the IT world since joining the US Air Force in 1982. He’s spent time in LAN/WAN and server management roles in addition to many years helping teams and customers deliver great systems. Jim has lead successful delivery teams at software consulting firms and product companies alike. He’s worked with organizations ranging from start ups to Fortune 100 companies to improve their delivery processes and ship better value to their customers. Jim’s worked in many different environments but greatly prefers those adopting practices from Lean and Agile communities.

When not at work you might find Jim in the kitchen with a glass of wine, playing Xbox, hiking with his family, or banished to the garage while trying to practice his guitar.