The JavaScript Playbook

Zach Briggs | 01:30 – 02:45


Writing production quality JavaScript is hard, but it’s not impossible. This talk looks at the patterns, tools, libraries and workflows that Test Double uses to be successful with this challenging language in the browser. I talk about the pain we’ve felt from mistakes we’ve made and how that informed Lineman.js, our build tool.

We’ll cover when it’s a good idea to isolate the frontend code and how to do that. I’ll talk about stubbing API calls so that frontend workflow can be free of server side concerns. Finally, we’ll cover the testing libraries and tools that Test Double uses to keep code sane.


Zach Briggs is Double Agent 005 for Test Double where builds thick client interfaces with JavaScript and JSON APIs with Node and Ruby. He writes about rapid learning, sustainable programming models, medium data, dev ops, and metacognition.

Zach probably wants to be your friend. He lives in Chicago, IL.