Trust – Can we build it? Yes we can!

For businesses to succeed and grow, it is imperative that we confidently rely on each other to accomplish the tasks at hand. Whether you are in a development team, responsible for creating and assigning priorities, or maintaining culture, it is an important skill to recognize when the bonds of trust are breaking. Broken trust creates micromanagement and reduces productivity. We can rebuild and grow that trust to improve communication, deliver faster results, and promote business growth. Come and discover some simple, yet impactful, behavioral and cultural changes through examples of how they have aided me in the past. Learn to build your own ideas and solutions tailored for you and your team. This will help increase how much your co-workers believe in you, allowing you to more confidently depend on and utilize your team members, and perhaps even improve your trust in yourself. It is time to discover how to turn the phrases “Trust me, I’m an engineer” and “Trust me, I’m your boss” into truth, and not sarcasm.