Value is the New Velocity

As organizations strive to become more product/customer they find challenges in prioritizing the work their teams are working on. How do you ensure that your teams are delivering features customers want, ensuring you pay down technical debt, and ensuring that what you deliver is tied to your organizational goals? Traditional metrics like velocity and throughput are solid metrics for team performance but they do not actually measure if the team is meeting the needs their users.

This is where value comes in. Value can help organizations identify the features that customers want and can help organizations ensure they aligned with customer needs.

Two tough questions immediately become apparent: “What is Value?” and “How do I measure it?”. These questions are made more difficult because “Value” will be from organization to organization.

In this presentation we will identify how you can identify value for your organization and then walk you through how you can build a value framework to help your organization prioritize what is valuable to hem. We will also discuss other value frameworks that are out in the