Visualising Your Way to Better Problem Solving

Have you ever been in that meeting where everyone goes on and on about something, and you walk out of the meeting realising that nothing has been decided and no one knows what to do?  Now we need another meeting.

Problem-solving is one of the biggest parts of our jobs as creators and testers of products. Effective techniques to visualise the problems, solutions and discussions can enable us to do this better and to be more productive in meetings and in general.

Join for a lively and interactive session, where we will have a look at some of the problems faced in teams and organisations and present techniques for creating visibility for more collaborative and effective problem-solving. Together, we will use these techniques to unpack some of the real problems experienced in the room.

  • Open and introduction
  • Why is visibility important – short lecture
  • Explore different problems in the room through conversations at each table
  • Get teams to present problems on sticky notes. Dot vote or pick the most appropriate
  • Based on the problems selected show some techniques to create visibility and explore the problem in a visual way
  • Divide into teams based on 4 or 5 problems
  • Get each team to visually explore the problem using one of the described techniques
  • Debrief

By participating in the workshop, it is likely that each person takes away learning that applies to their own context and therefore we will cover many aspects that the act of collaborative visualisation can provide:

  • The basic techniques of using visibility to solve problems
  • How different roles can contribute to uncovering the blind spots and assumptions in the problem using visualisation
  • Different visualisation techniques for different problems (a list of possibilities will be available for discussion)
  • Basic facilitation of each technique
  • Collaboration and teamwork