What Does a Scrum Master Do All Day?

‘What does a Scrum Master do all day if they just have to facilitate a 15-minute Daily Standup?’ How often have you heard that question? As someone who is a full-time Scrum Master, I’d like to invite you in to ‘A Day in the Life of a Scrum Master,’ where we’ll explore just how much more there is to this role than facilitation of the Daily Standup and other sprint events.

I’ll show off an example of a Scrum Master checklist, before delving in to the following topics: building a strong relationship with the Product Owner, ensuring that teams are maturing each sprint (and not just getting more done), growing Agile engineering practices inside and outside the team, and participating in the advancement of an Agile mindset across the organization. Attendees will hear real life examples from my own experiences with teams at Hyland. We’ll close the session with an interactive exercise that will allow everyone to work together with the four sections of the Scrum Master checklist to crowd-source some ideas on how to begin expanding their own role as a Scrum Master.