What to expect() When You’re expect()ing
1:30pm – 3:00pm

Every day, brilliant programmers around the world write awful tests.

These days, most developers write tests. If anything, the number of ways to test your code has become overwhelming, no matter what language you’re using. Most teams, exhausted by navigating the countless paths before them, are content if things are tested at all, lacking the energy to really probe whether their tests are any good.

This workshop isn’t about how to write tests. Our goal is to equip participants with habits to continuously improve how they write tests as they practice. We’ll do that by demonstrating how we learn new things about testing, by leading interactive exercises, and by facilitating discussion among the participants.

In 2011, Todd Kaufman and Justin Searls founded Test Double, a software agency headquartered here in Columbus. Its mission: seek out what’s broken about software development and to do our best to fix it. Today, Test Double has a team of developer consultants stationed all over the US and Canada, working alongside businesses to make software that’s better for everyone.