The Central Ohio Agile Association presents:

The Path to Agility

and featuring The Path to Craftsmanship

Q4 2024
Columbus, Ohio

Past Years

2012 Sessions

2012 Sessions

List of 2012 sessions including presentations & video of sessions (if available a link will show on the screen).

Chet Hendrickson & Ron Jeffries : Keynote — Spread Craftsmanship Throughout Your Team Video

Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) : Keynote – Clean Architecture and Design Video

Christopher Avery : Keynote – Your Agile Leadership Gift Video

Jurgen Appelo : Keynote – How to Change the World Video

Israel Gat : Keynote – Agile 2.0 Video

Ken Schwaber : Keynote – Scrum and Continuous Improvement Video

Zack Dennis : Sand Piles and Software Video

Brandon Keepers : Why Our Code Smells Video

Leon Gersing & Charley Baker : Truth, Myth and Reality in Software Development Video

Cory Flanigan : Cross Domain Hacking: Life Lessons Applied to Software Video

Scot Burdette : Driving Real Business Value Through Agile Video

Joe O’Brien : People Patterns Video

David Starr : Compile and Execute Requirements in .NET Video

Michael Mah : The Columbus Agile Productivity Benchmark Project; Initial Insights from Project Data PDF1 | PDF2 | Video

Jon Stahl & Michael “Doc” Martin : Agile & UX: Emerging Practices & Other CRAP Video

Daniel Vacanti : Lean Thinking Video

Matt VanVleet & DJ Daugherty : Eating Your Own Dog Food!

Dan Greenleaf & Dr. Charles Suscheck : Lean Software Development

Jeff Hunsaker & Todd Greene : Agile Product Management

Phil Japikse : Introduction to Context Specification – Behavior Driven Development

Kelley Allan, Brandon Childers, Poorani Jeyasekar, Joe O’Brien : Expanding Agile Beyond App Dev

Terry Wiegmann & Ayan Dave : Automating Testing in the Iteration

Joe Astolfi, Alan Czako, Steve Jones, Paul Mazak : Scrum Master/Coach/PM Facilitator

Daryl Kulak, Brian Knickle, Andrew Clute : Scaling Agility

Terry Wiegman, Linda Farrenkopf, Leo Gilbert, Ellen Gottesdiener, Dan Kohler : How BA & QA Roles Change in Agile

Gene Johnson : Retail + Agile = ?

Jon Kruger, Brandon Childers, Laurel Odronic, Chris Hoover, Lan Bloch : A QA Transformation Story

Isaac Montgomery : Designing an Agile Culture

Ellen Gottesdiener : Collaborate for Value

Ben Blanquera, Jeff Dennes, Michael Fergang, Bill Gray, Dustin Potts, Russ Wangler : Executive Level Concerns

Todd Kaufman : Lightning Talks – Craftsmanship

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