The Central Ohio Agile Association presents:

The Path to Agility

and featuring The Path to Craftsmanship

Q4 2024
Columbus, Ohio

Past Years

2015 Sessions

2015 Sesssions

List of 2015 sessions, including presentations & video of sessions (if available, a link will show on the screen)

Aaron Patterson – # Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls  Video

Justin Searls – How Far We’ve Come With Open Source  PDF  Video

Alistair Cockburn – Agile is for Wimps: Software Development in the 21st Century  PDF  Video

Johanna Rothman – Agile Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization  PDF  Video

Michael Mah – Passion: What Agile Self-Organizing Teams Can Learn from Eco-Pirates  Video

Jon Stahl – LEAF: A Framework For Leaders/Agile Explained  Video

Ben Blanquera, Bob Myers, Chris Hawker, Philip R.O. Payne, Ray Shealy – Columbus BOLD  Video

Steve Farley – Nationwide DevOps – A Focus on Continuous Delivery and Reduced Variance  Video

Scotty Bevill – 7 Hidden Impediments of Leadership: Self-Awareness  PDF  Video

Ken Schwaber – Scaling Scrum to Sustain Productivity  PDF  Video

Anthony Crain – Intro to SAFe  Video

Mary Kaufmann, Kimberly Clavin , Stacia Edwards , Mike Neubig  & Kelly Wilson – Growing the Talent Pipeline  Video

Ken Schwaber & Alistair Cockburn – State of the Agile Movement  Video

Daniel Norton – Planning Work to Enable Continuous Delivery – FSGD – “Fizz-Good”  Video

Chris Espy – Well Begun Is Half Done  PDF

Dustin Willams – The Challenge of Implementing Automated Acceptance Testing  PDF

Jenny Bentley & Mary Rinehart – Visual Requirements  PDF

Jessica Soroky – How to Talk to Me:  Generations In The Workplace from a Professional Millennial  PDF

Ryan Ripley – Scrum Master Lessons from My 4yo Son  PDF

Stephanie Ockerman – Sustainability: The Key to Achieving Organizational Agility  PDF

Warner Moore – Preparing a Technology Company for Scale with DevOps  PDF

James Sweet – Business Agility  PDF

Paul Boos – Taking Flight from Aspiration to Transformation Action  PDF

Alex Burkhart – In Rust We Trust

Ben Thorp – Product Ownership:  Beyond the Scrum Guide

Brian Schrock – Manta – How Manta uses the cloud and employs DevOps practices

Brian Watson – Trends in Agile

Dave Mosher – Intro to Angular

Eric Bryant, Rooma Hartman, Rick Kierner , Jon Krebs & Matt Olms – You Can Lead a Team From Waterfall…

James Bender – BDD with Cucumber in .NET with SpecFlow

James Bender & Scott Preston – AngularJS & NodeJS with Velocity

Joe Ours – Thinking Fast & Slow – Cognitive Biases in the Workplace

Kevin Baribeau – Code Retreat

Mark Harris, Dan Renner , John Schaffner & Ben Stormer – Building Culture

Mark Holtman – Pillar Technology DevOps in Mobile Dev


Matt Darby/Mike Danko – Easy provisioning with DevOps & Ansible

Matt Dubbert  & Justin Kuss – Storming, Norming, Platforming: Our Approach to Developing a Developer-­‐Friendly Ecosystem

Michael Jebber – Agile Explained

Todd Kaufman – Intro to Node.js

Ty Crockett – Agile Outside of IT

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