The Central Ohio Agile Association presents:

The Path to Agility

and featuring The Path to Craftsmanship

Q4 2024
Columbus, Ohio

Past Years

2013 Sessions

2013 Sessions

List of 2013 sessions including presentations & video of sessions (if available a link will show on the screen).

Jim Weirich : Keynote – Kata and Analysis Video

Andy Hunt : Keynote – Uncomfortable With Agility: What Has Ten+ Years Got Us? Video

David Anderson : Keynote –Predictability and Measurement with Kanban PDF | Video

Neal Ford : Keynote – Abstraction Distractions PDF | Video

Guy Royse : Those Who Know History Are Doomed To Watch Others Repeat It  Video

Ken Schwaber : Measuring And Implementing Sustainable Business Practices For Competitive Advantage PDF1 | PDF2 | Video

Bart Murphy, Christopher Avery, Ellen Gottesdiener, Michael Mah : Industry Perspective & The Future of Agile  Video

Christopher Avery : Empirical Leadership: Proven Alternatives To Agile For Executives PDF1 | PDF2 | PDF3 | PDF4 | Video

Ellen Gottesdiener : Got Value? Making Product Decisions With A Practical, Sustainable Value Model PDF | Video

Carin Meier : The Joy Of Flying Robots With Clojure  Video

Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan, Michael “Doc” Norton: Battle Of The Belly Buttons  Video

Justin Searls : Sundering Your Web Apps With Lineman.js PDF | Video

Damon Poole : Scaling Agile with the Enterprise Agility Model PDF

Carl Erickson : Companies For Craftsmen PDF

Scot Burdette : Transforming Trends Into Business Value PDF

Isaac Montgomery : The Forest For The Teams – Finding Value When Drowning In A Sea Of Teams PDF

Justin Browder, Mark Harris, Gene Johnson, Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan, Russ Wangler :  Growing Agile: Recognizing, Measuring and Delivering Quality PDF

Jim Holmes : Zero to Eight. Lessons Learned Starting a Test Automation Team from Scratch PDF

Anthony Crain : Skill Growth Gamification PDF

Ben Blanquera, Ken Green, Tim Heller, Dustin Potts, Cam Wolff : Scaling Agile – An Executive View Of Enterprise Agile

Michael Mah : An Agile Throwdown: Munich Germany Takes On The Columbus Agile Benchmark Study  Video

Charley Baker : Change

Todd Greene : Achieving & Sustaining Business Agility

Dr. Chuck Suscheck : Influencing Teams With  Psychology

Joe Astolfi, John Dages, Terry Wiegmann : A Tale of Two Coaches

Brian Watson : Building Agile Teams

Bob Myers : Creativity 2.0 – Rediscovering The “Why” And “How” That Truly Motivates Hyper Productivity

Scotty Bevill : Thriving In The Change Within The Transformation

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